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TPN is a spin-off from TeslaDuo Ltd and backed by a group of visionary Founders with an outstanding track record of success in life sciences, healthcare, technology as well as building successful businesses. They are bringing to the table a decennial experience in these fields. The entrepreneurial culture of TPN, supported by its highly experienced Advisory Board and, Management team, set us apart from most conventional deep tech startup companies, marketplaces, and Networks dedicated to life sciences & healthcare industry. 

Our team strongly believes that technological innovation combined with creativity can make an immense difference for life science businesses and thus dramatically benefit patients.


Our aim is to create a trustworthy & innovative cloud & tech-based company enabling our life sciences, healthcare customers & partners to trade and to use efficiently a full suite of products & solutions while fighting against counterfeit drugs and constantly complying with the regulation, all for the best interest of patients.

Our mission is to prepare tomorrow with an approach based on leveraging disruptive & cutting-edge technologies such as (not limited to) Blockchain, AI & ML, IoT, 3D printing, and robotics to provide our network members with trade & tech based products & solutions, in full respect of regulatory compliance in force, all for the best interest of patients.

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The ButterflyNet can be seen as a global community of companies which offers value-added solutions to help customers with their digital transformation, pharma tech and/or trading projects wisely & effortlessly. Indeed, our company counts on an extensive worldwide network in the life sciences & healthcare with access to key decision makers in all business fields of the industry.


TPN Marketplace is a decentralized platform that  efficiently provides tech-based solutions to life sciences & healthcare organizations and fosters price transparency for the best interest of the patient. Indeed, we help our customers with their digital transformation and with the adoption of cutting-edge technologies but also to improve their processes & profit margins.

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We design and develop the most comprehensive and secure turnkey white label cloud & tech-based products and/or solutions for our customers in life sciences & healthcare to help them make smart technology decisions so they can worry less and focus more.


The Butterfly's the mascot of both Trade Pharma Network and its non-profit arm the Tech Pharma Foundation. Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. All around the world, people view the butterfly as the representation of endurance, change, hope, and life.


We support the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and put the highest attention to SDG3. Overcoming disease & ill health requires concerted and sustained efforts with focus on population groups living in regions that have been neglected that are dying prematurely or suffering needlessly from preventable diseases


One of the main goals of TPN team is fighting against counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals as well as building transparency & trust to empower the whole supply chain and make sure all stakeholders manage their supply of medicines more efficiently to prevent shortage problems and facilitate the allocation of the pharmaceutical resources to be put at the disposal of healthcare professionals for the best interest of patients.

Falsified medical products represent a crucial challenge in the field of public health in this early part of the 21st century. The fight against counterfeit drugs mobilizes an increasing number of stakeholders, governments and healthcare authorities as well as police organizations and customs officials.

TPN team strives towards reduction in counterfeit drugs, protection of patients, elimination of insurance frauds, and authenticity. 

We enable businesses to trade pharmaceuticals safely & efficiently but also to build transparency & trust inherent to the process in their goods & supply chain to prevent counterfeiting of medicines.

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