​It goes without saying that we all have data that we want to make sense of. Data has become complicated because we are daily confronted to large, interesting, interconnected, and unstructured datasets. We therefore have developed our own approach to machine learning that deals mostly with unstructured data, sort of unsupervised learning, that consists in both human & machine controlled intervention and using probabilistic models  as well as techniques and methods such as probabilistic programming & Bayesian statistics, and Stochastic approximation.


That being said, we are bringing probabilistic programming into our AI development which does not involve Neural Networks / Deep Learning or Reinforcement Learning, nor require a great amount of data for its learning.

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Our new next-gen AI & ML are entirely dedicated to Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Healthcare organizations make uncertainty-driven exploration to resolve their real-world problems. We enable a better use of the internal data resources between stakeholders as well as with Local Operating Companies for development projects. Our Machine Intelligence As A Service solution drives results across a range of needs particularly from a data science perspective and helps our customers optimize their resources, processes, and better understand their own customers.


We enable accurate and scalable data management by reading our customers' Entreprise data, interpreting & summarizing them, and making accurate predictions to help them rapidly adapt as their business & customers evolve.


PharmaShift - AI is actually an interface engine that acts like an autonomous machine intelligence, a sort of utility that flows information around the Entreprise without a lot of effort.

Our system deals with your existing software and crawl through your company documentation & databases (CSV files, Excel spreadsheet, ...), learns from them and then become the domain-specific expert you need for your business that serves the right content to the right person at the right time. It goes to any of these data sources, reads it, understands it and pulls it together for whatever view you need without a real human intervention.

Prior to that, we build alongside your team a probabilistic model (human part) that describes well the imaginary generative process of the data in concern taking into consideration . Then, for the machine part, we train that model in the cloud with 4 or 5 training examples using the most appropriate solver and then start exploring the data  from a prediction, building a retrieval information system, etc.

We are therefore coming up with a unifying fabric to express any machine learning probability distribution or statistical machine learning system making a combinations in the most rigorous way.


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