Having regard to the current European regulations and to our transactions within the eurozone, as registered broker of medicinal products, we are committed to setting up a regulatory assurance & quality system as per the following Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA) requirements:


We confirm the medicinal products brokered are covered by a Marketing Authorization granted pursuant to regulation (EC) No. 726/2004 or by the competent authority of an EU Member State.


We confirm an emergency plan which ensures effective implementation of any recall of a medicinal product from the market ordered by the competent authorities or carried out in co-operation with  the manufacturer or marketing authorization holder is in place.


We confirm that a system to ensure that records either in the form of purchase/sales invoices, or on computer, or in any other form for any transaction in medicinal products brokered providing at least the following information, is in place:


- Date on which the sale or purchase of the product was brokered ;

- Name of medicinal product ;

- Quantity brokered ;

- Name of supplier or consignee, as appropriate ;

- Address of supplier or consignee as appropriate ;

- Batch number for products bearing the safety features.


We confirm the records will be retained for a period of five years. We confirm compliance with the guidelines on good distribution practice (GDP) published by the European Commission in accordance with Article 84 of the 2001/83/EC Directive insofar as those guidelines apply to brokers.


We confirm a quality system setting out responsibilities, processes and risk management measures in relation to brokering activities are in place and will be maintained.


We are aware of the requirement to immediately inform the licensing authority and where applicable the marketing authorization holder of medicinal products which we identify as, suspect to be, or have reasonable grounds for knowing or suspecting to be, falsified, and undertake to do so. We are aware that the mentioned premises may be subject to inspection by the Competent Authority.


To the best of our knowledge and belief the particulars we give in the form to be filled and provided to the HMA are correct, truthful and complete. We will notify all changes to the above-mentioned data without delay to the Competent Authority.