It is important to note that Covid-19 has highlighted the critical importance of an organized, effective and timely response to a global health emergency, that’s the reason why and since the beginning of this plague, through our Covid-19 initiative, we have been striving & committed to connect multiple medical & healthcare resources, technology & people to tackle this pandemic and reduce its impacts and consequences on our lives and our societies.

As a result of our Covid-19 initiative, a couple of different approaches are currently used:


- Blockchain & AI based Diagnostic data App development: DiagPass ;

- Medical Equipments & Supplies sourcing due to the provisioning challenges that affect some of them ;

- Connected & smart 3D printed containers to help making supply chain more resilient and able to adapt to unusual    & critical situations in a fast & efficient way ;

- Regulatory Support to the Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies in their regulatory filings.