Buy 7,500 TXP save 50€.


TXP Tokens are ERC-20 tokens that may be used on Trade Pharma platform to buy our Tech & Pharma-centric related services at the lowest price.

7,500 TXP Tokens

€525.00 Regular Price
€475.00Sale Price
  • TXP Tokens will not be available on any exchanges for now. Once ready, we will publish a list of approved exchanges where you can purchase TXP Tokens to be used on the platform.

  • An ETH wallet is required for this transaction.

    To get your TXP Tokens, unless you already have one, please create your Metamask (in your laptop or desktop browser) or Cipher (in your smart phone or tablet) wallets and send us your public key so we can transfer TXP Tokens from our wallet to yours in no time.