We have successfully created an environment that promotes and enhances the relationship between a large variety of life sciences & healthcare stakeholders. We strive to offer each and all of them our a unique opportunity to access superior service & solution choices, availability, at true market pricing transparency.

TPN Marketplace is a decentralized platform, using Blockchain but also Artificial Intelligence, that efficiently provides tech-based solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech & healthcare organizations and fosters price transparency for the best interest of the patient. Indeed, we help our customers with the adoption of new & cutting-edge technologies and to improve their profit margins for all our customers and in the best interest of the patient.

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Trade Pharma Network operates across all the EU member states and the world with the central mission of preparing tomorrow with an approach based on disruptive & cutting-edge technologies in full respect of regulatory compliance in force and ethics, all for the best interest of patients. Founded in 2018, Trade Pharma Network is offering multiple cutting-edge solutions to its valued customer. Please see our featured solutions at the bottom of this page.


Users can use TPN Marketplace as buyers (subscribers) or as sellers (providers), or both. Each member of The Network can use TPN Marketplace as a consumer and can register to become a seller. A seller can be an independent vendor, value-added reseller, or individual that has something to offer that works with Trade Pharma Network products & solutions and mission.


Every product & solution in TPN Marketplace has been through a curation process. On the product page, there can be one or more offerings for the product. When the seller submits a product in TPN Marketplace, they define the price of the product, and the terms and conditions of use. Buyers agree to the pricing, and terms and conditions set for the offer.


The product can be free to use or can have an associated charge. The charge becomes part of your TPN bill, and after you pay, TPN Marketplace pays the seller.


Ten proprietary and tech-based products & solutions have been developed internally so far (see below). Some of them will be coming soon and many other will follow including those developed by our valued partners.

TPN Tech Products & Solutions
Zefir™ Marketplace

Zefir™ pharma trading platform is a EU-licensed brokerage platform and an international pharma-centric marketplace of choice for buyers & sellers performing routine transactions of medicines...

SCM Tech - 4™

As we envision a future where every physical medicine has a digital history, allowing our users to trace and verify its origins, attributes and ownership to fight efficiently against counterfeit medicines, in Europe & Worldwide...

PharmaShift - AI™

PharmaShift - AI is actually an interface engine that acts like an autonomous machine intelligence, a sort of utility that flows information around the Entreprise without a lot of effort...

Upcoming Solutions

Many other TPN's tech solutions are currently undergoing finalization and will be offered to our valued customers very shortly. Stay tuned!

3DP - VitaEdge™
AntiCounterfeit - X™
3DPC - SmartContainer™
Twinblock - ID™
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TPN Partners Ad hoc Solutions
Secure Identity Management and Authentication.

Enterprises are now looking for more secure identity managemen solutions. Over 9 Billion usernames and passwords are already stolen! Passwords are a very high risk that is being used by the criminal world. Today, we have employees logging in from home! This poses an increased IT security risk for your company!

Our dynamically encrypted Nimbus QR-code and dynamic PIN allows enterprise login much more secure. No Passwords!


Our registration process uses KYC (know your customer) to securely create a new global ID. We have you upload a pro picture, take a selfi, and submit a government ID picture. Our system uses AI to compare the pictures and either allow or deny the issuance of the Nimbus-Key ID.

Category: Cybersecurity

Owner: Nimbus-T

Nimbus-Key ID System for Supply Chain Verification & Security.
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The patented Nimbus-Key ID system is being used for secure identity management and authentication of users logging into enterprises. In the manufacturing process, your internal database issues a product ID for every device or product, normally output as a barcode. 

With the Nimbus-Key ID for product manufacturing, an Encrypted QR code is on each product and on each box so that delivery of products can be scanned and marked as delivered. An encyrpted Nimbus-Key ID can not be replicated and will stop fraudulent manufacturers. We will save you $millions!

Category: Supply Chain

Owner: Nimbus-T

Many other tech-based products & solutions developed by TPN's customers & partners will be added to the TPN Marketplace shortly. Stay tuned!