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Secure Identity Management and Authentication.

Enterprises are now looking for more secure identity managemen solutions. Over 9 Billion usernames and passwords are already stolen! Passwords are a very high risk that is being used by the criminal world. Today, we have employees logging in from home! This poses an increased IT security risk for your company!

Our dynamically encrypted Nimbus QR-code and dynamic PIN allows enterprise login much more secure. No Passwords!


Our registration process uses KYC (know your customer) to securely create a new global ID. We have you upload a pro picture, take a selfi, and submit a government ID picture. Our system uses AI to compare the pictures and either allow or deny the issuance of the Nimbus-Key ID.

Category: Cybersecurity

Owner: Nimbus-T

Nimbus-Key ID System for Supply Chain Verification & Security.
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The patented Nimbus-Key ID system is being used for secure identity management and authentication of users logging into enterprises. In the manufacturing process, your internal database issues a product ID for every device or product, normally output as a barcode. 

With the Nimbus-Key ID for product manufacturing, an Encrypted QR code is on each product and on each box so that delivery of products can be scanned and marked as delivered. An encyrpted Nimbus-Key ID can not be replicated and will stop fraudulent manufacturers. We will save you $millions!

Category: Supply Chain

Owner: Nimbus-T

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