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Industry analysts and leaders predict that 25% ($20 trillion) of the existing global equity market of $80 trillion will be Security Tokens in the next 3 to 5 years, driven primarily by the massive influx of institutional capital.


The Trade Pharma triple-token model is designed to optimize for our goals and to synergize with our platform strategy. The token model comprises three different tokens: a utility token (TXP Token / $TXP), an awards & rewards token (Butterfly Token / $BUTY), and a security/equity token (TrP-N Token / $TrP-N). The related solidity smart contract of each token is verified in Etherscan Website.

This model is leveraging the benefits that are inherent in the 3 aforementioned categories of tokens involved, by creating a triple-token structure, whereby the tokens will be linked in a way that enables stakeholders to participate in the growth of the Trade Pharma Network ecosystem, while capitalizing on the projected growth & regulatory compliant nature of Security Tokens.

The triple-token model is complex piece of engineering as each of the three involved tokens performs a specific different function within the Network. Overtime, security, utility and award & reward tokens interact with each other as an integrated system That been said, we will be making sure to keep all our users & investors informed are well informed of the evolution of this model, and advise each and all of them on how to use these tokens in the most beneficial way..


Although there is no defined criteria for what is considered a Security Token, and it will likely vary by jurisdiction, we have taken the prudent view to consider the TrP-N a Security Token. As such the token will be tradable on compliant Security Exchanges.

Therefore, the TrP-N Token will entitle holders to:

  • equity ownership in Trade Pharma Network ;

  • and a royalty percentage (between 5 and 10%) of revenues generated through the sale of TXP Tokens by Trade Pharma Network.


TXP tokens are utility tokens built on Ethereum Blockchain through a simple Smart Contract for a standard, capped, mintable, burnable, payable ERC20 token. They are is compatible with any ERC20 wallet all around the world.


TXP Tokens are used as Loyalty/Utility Tokens. They are sold & redeemable in our Website & TPN's marketplaces & platforms (no exchanges involved) to the members of our Network. All transactions can very easily be tracked in the Blockchain via Etherscan in full transparency.


Butterfly Tokens ($BUTY) are non-fungible & indivisible fun tokens with de minimis value (no cash equivalent or redeemable value) that we like to award & reward our valued collaborators, advisors, some of our business partners & clients, but also non-profits & associations workers / leader, tech guys, life science & healthcare practitioners as a high recognition value from our company.

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