Trade Pharma Network (TPN) is a tech-solution provider & a revolutionary marketplace lined with a B2B fast-growing network entirely dedicated to the life sciences & healthcare industry within which we are on mission to make communication, trading & technology seamless. TPN platform is DeFi & AR & VR-centric metaverse compatible, being positioned as the go-to solution for Web 3 with a special focus on NFTs.

The platform simplifies the complex technical challenges of using cutting-edge technologies and aims to help bring the multi-trillion dollar tech market to the pharma, biotech, medtech and healthcare. Indeed, healthcare and life sciences organizations are looking for ways to lower costs and improve the quality of patient care. Intelligent technical & secure cloud-based solutions can help bring innovations to existing models and help them achieve their businesses and patient care goals. 


TPN operates across the US & EU member states, Asia and the world with the central mission of preparing tomorrow with an approach based on leveraging disruptive & cutting-edge technologies such as (not limited to) Blockchain, AI, IoT, and 3D printing in full respect of regulatory compliance in force and ethics, all for the best interest of patients. Founded in 2018, TPN is offering multiple cutting-edge solutions to its valued customers.


We strongly believe that technological innovation combined with creativity can make an immense difference for life sciences & healthcare businesses and thus dramatically benefits patients.


TPN has all of your tech needs in one place - deep tech products & solutions, B2B network communication tool, a marketplace for making transactions with vendors  all with a dedicated tech virtual assistant to help you with your search.


Ten proprietary pharma-centric & tech-based products & solutions have been developed internally so far. Some of them will be coming soon and many other will follow, including those developed by our valued partners. PoCs verifying that concepts and theories applied to each product & solution and resulting in a successful final product have been duly carried out.

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TPN includes several marketplaces such as TPN Marketplace dedicated to life sciences & healthcare solutions and Zefir & MatRXed to Pharmaceuticals Trading.
Learn about our Deep Tech Solution Engineering

We have built most of your tech needs in one place. Learn about our innovative platform and our deep tech products & solutions meticulously engineered for your techlife.
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We have built a communication platform dedicated to life sciences & healthcare businesses to enhance cooperation between all our network members.

We firmly believe that in the near future, we will have a digital layer of our everyday life: a virtual presence of ourselves will perform all the activities we typically do, within a Real-World Metaverse fueled by real-time data. We will live a whole existence in virtual environments, where we will be represented by our Human Digital Twins. The Metaverse is the next iteration of the internet. It supports ongoing online 3D virtual environments where the world’s publicly accessible virtual experiences, real-time 3D contents and other related media are connected and accessible through VR/AR, as well as through classic devices such as PC or mobile.

An immersive Web3 internet, where users meet in virtual spaces, represent themselves as avatars and share virtual objects through new technologies.

We also believe Web3 & decentralized technologies like Blockchain could represent a solution: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), for instance, could help locate practical applications in the Metaverse not only for guaranteeing the ownership of a digital identity, but also for securing transactions of virtual objects and ensuring interoperability between Metaverse platforms. NFTs can be described as cryptographic digital assets registered and transferred on the Blockchain and with the advent of the Metaverse, they are set to play a crucial role. Within this constantly changing reality,


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