Trade Pharma Network is a technology-oriented company & pharma-centric marketplace that provides efficient integrated pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions and fosters price transparency and thereby improves profit margins for both buyers and sellers of pharmaceuticals.


Trade Pharma Network operates across all the EU member states and the world with the central mission of preparing tomorrow with an approach based on disruptive & cutting-edge technologies such as (not limited to) Blockchain, AI, IoT, and 3D printing in full respect of regulatory compliance in force and ethics, all for the best interest of patients. Founded in 2018, Trade Pharma Network is offering multiple cutting-edge solutions to its valued customer.

Falsified medical products represent a crucial challenge in the field of public health in this early part of the 21st century. The fight against counterfeit drugs mobilizes an increasing number of stakeholders, governments and healthcare authorities as well as police organizations and customs officials.


Trade Pharma Network team strives towards reduction in counterfeit drugs, protection of patients, elimination of insurance frauds, and authenticity. We enable businesses to trade pharmaceuticals safely & efficiently but also to build transparency & trust inherent to the process in their goods & supply chain to prevent counterfeiting of medicines.

Our team strongly believes that innovation & creativity in pharmaceutical services and trade make the difference for pharmaceutical & healthcare and thus the benefit of patients.


Our aim is to create a trustworthy & innovative pharma-centric marketplace enabling our customers & partners to trade and to use efficiently a full suite of services while fighting against counterfeit drugs and constantly complying with the regulation, all for the best interest of patients.

The Butterfly's the mascot of both Trade Pharma Network and its non-profit arm the Tech Pharma Foundation. Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. All around the world, people view the butterfly as the representation of endurance, change, hope, and life.

The Trade Pharma triple-token model is designed to optimize for our goals and to synergize with our platform strategy. The token model comprises three different tokens: a utility token (TXP Token / TXP), an awards & rewards token (Butterfly Token/BUTY), and a security/equity token (TRP-N Token/TRP-N). The related solidity smart contract of each token is verified in Etherscan & available on our Github

The Network can be see as a single platform that offers several key technology based solutions allowing all the members of the pharmaceutical supply chain to interact wisely & effortlessly. In other words, a pharma-centric marketplace that enables all stakeholders to make progress towards the creation of such a system globally.

Trade Pharma Network is a pharma-centric marketplace that efficiently provides tech-based solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech & healthcare organizations and fosters price transparency for the best interest of the patient. Indeed, we help our customers with the adoption of new & cutting-edge technologies and to improve their profit margins in the best interest of the patient.

3% of all profits realized by Trade Pharma Network will be reserved for charitable giving. Indeed, we have a social responsibility to redistribute to the less fortunate, particularly where a profitable outcome has been achieved on pharmaceuticals transactions. Introducing The Pharma Trade Giveback.

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Exclusively dedicated to our growing Network of Pharma & Biotech and Healthcare organizations, our eShops offer our members selected & hard to find pharmaceuticals, and medical devices (IVDs) but also APIs, Additives, Vitamins and Excipients to support them with their purchasing activities.

(APIs, Additives, Vitamins & Excipients)
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Place du Champs de Mars, 5

Bastion Tower - Level 20

1050 Brussels, Belgium

667 Madison Avenue

4th and 5th Floor

New York, NY 10065, USA


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